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Lambertus 10 70cl
Lambertus 10 70cl
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Lambertus 10 70cl

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Lambertus 10 Years Single Grain Whiskey has matured for 10 years in oak barrels
was created in memory of Lambert Radermacher, one of the founders of the
Its unique and beautiful wealth is due to the perfect harmony between the
malt, the fine grain and the subtle note of the oak.
The Lambertus lends itself to long storage in oak barrels
10 years its amber, sparkling color and
its attractive viscosity.
Subtle malt bouquet surrounded by a fine scent
hint of chocolate, nuts and roasting. It's nice
and pleasant aroma reveals all the maturity
of the grain.
Fine malt attack combined with roasted
and vanilla flavors. Lush, full of flavour
taste where fineness and balance predominate.
Beautiful and soft end that enhances subtlety
of the oak.
Lambertus 10 years must be served in a room
temperature which gives it a nice aroma
revealed at its best.
Take your time and close your
emotion must be tasted in a balloon glass
slowly warmed in the palm of your hands.