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Bon Vivant Rum 50cl

Bon Vivant Rum 50cl

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Bon Vivant Rum
An exotic holiday in your glass

Bon Vivant Rum is a high-quality blend of Caribbean rums that have been aged in barrels for at least 3 to 5 years. Elegant and pure, without the addition of caramel or coloring agents. Sweet notes alternate with notes of ripe exotic fruit and floral aromas such as acacia honey, jasmine and vanilla. The Bon Vivant Rum serves wonderfully as a digestif or as a base for rum cocktails.

Taste: slightly sweet, tropical fruit, floral accents
Alcohol percentage: 42%
Volume: 50cl

Perfect Serve:
Add 5cl Bon Vivant Rum to your glass
Add 15cl Fever-Tree Cola
Finish with a slice of lime