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Bon Vivant Gin 50cl

Bon Vivant Gin 50cl

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Bon Vivant Gin
A rollercoaster of flavors

Bon Vivant Gin is distilled according to the classic London Dry method on a real copper Holsteiner still. The result is a sublime distillate that contains juniper berry, lemon, lemongrass, sweet orange, cardamom, coriander, angelica and orris root. Be seduced by a fresh taste with soft fruit and citrus notes. Bon Vivant Gin is perfect to serve with a neutral tonic and finished with a mint leaf.

Taste: fresh, citrus
Alcohol percentage: 46%
Volume: 50cl

“The Bon Vivant is a beautiful, citrus-driven gin that has a backbone of earthy / juniper aromas and will therefore convince many true Gin & Tonic enthusiasts. In any case, he gets a well-deserved gold medal of 91/100 from us!” (Gin Ur Way)

Perfect Serve:
Add 5cl Bon Vivant Gin to your glass
Add 15cl Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
Finish with a few juniper berries, a sprig of mint and/or orange zest