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PJ Gin Raspberry 50cl

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Expect the unexpected

PJ gin is a creation by Pieter-Jan Frooninckx. The fresh and fruity aromas form the basis with a hint of juniper in the background. Because the PJ gin is exceptionally soft and sweet, it is dangerously easy to drink. You have been warned about this. The young and ambitious Lubbeken resident also invented the Obey Vodka and Frozen liqueur.

The PJ Raspberry gin is a fruity gin with a strong raspberry flavor. This bright sweet taste is created by the raspberries being distilled. Get ready for an explosion of raspberries in your mouth.

Although the color suggests otherwise, this pink gin is the driest from the PJ gin range. No sugar has been added and the color is 100% natural. This gin takes you back to that warm summer evening with fresh cotton candy at the fair. This gin is perfect to combine with a soft tonic, a few leaves of fresh mint and a few fresh raspberries.

Pure Belgian quality! Cheers!