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Bon Vivant Agave 50cl

Bon Vivant Agave 50cl

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Bon Vivant Agave
It's Mexico Baby!

The Bon Vivant Agave is distilled with purebred Agave Weber Azul, or blue agaves, and harvested by hand once the plants reach the age of 6 years. After cooking the agave piñas, a soft, full-bodied 'easy-drinking' agave spirit remains with classic earthy and vegetal notes. Deliciously pure, but certainly also a potential successor to the gin and tonic if you combine it with a simple neutral tonic. Or how about a Tequila Limonada? Our agave spirit in combination with Sicilian Lemonade. Recommended!

Taste: soft earthy notes with a slightly sweet touch
Alcohol percentage: 42%
Volume: 50cl

perfect serve:
Add 5cl Bon Vivant Agave to your glass
Add 15cl Fever-Tree Sicilian lemonade
Finish with a slice of lime